Axiros IoT - Here & Now

The Internet of Things. The Internet of Everything. Whatever you call it, it’s a hot topic. Everyone is talking about “it” and yet, as we sit here at our corporate headquarters in Germany watching the industry chase the moving IoT target, we felt it was a good time to discuss where Axiros fits into this whole Internet of Things world.

Things. It’s about devices – specifically connected devices. And these connected devices need to be somehow managed. Controlled. Provisioned. Interlinked with each other. Whether they control your home, your work, your health or your energy – we know that they are important to your world. Without control and management, the Internet of Things cannot exist and would simply be chaos.

Agreed standards such as Broadband Forum’s TR-069 are a perfect stepping stone for IoT device management. Axiros has spent more than a decade managing devices and provisioning the connected home for telcos and MSOs. And when it comes to TR-069, we are #1. From Tier 1 European powerhouses to Tier 3 small ISPs in Central America, Axiros has worked to create software solutions that match market needs and keep up with the demands of both telcos and end users. Evolution to IoT is natural for us. We’ve been doing it for years.

 Broadband Forum Third Quarter Meeting Dublin, Ireland  Monday, 15 September 2014 Friday, 19 September 2014

Broadband Forum Third Quarter Meeting Dublin, Ireland

Monday, 15 September 2014 Friday, 19 September 2014

This week alone we have been asked to discuss personalized content delivery architectures with attendees of the Liberty Global Technology Summit 2014 in Amsterdam, and with our customer Lyse Smart, the keynote for the Broadband Forum’s third quarter meeting in Dublin will focus on the future of Smart Home energy and device management. Future events this coming quarter include other can’t-miss shows and conferences such as Broadband World Forum and the ISP Summit.

The reality is that the Internet of Things is just the future of what we already know. And Axiros is a part of it. We will be there to help manage all the devices to keep the network – and the devices on it – up and running smoothly and efficiently for service provider and end users.

We can’t wait to share that story with you as it continues to unfold.