Show Customers You Care: Canadian ISP Summit Takeaways

“People don’t care about how much you know until they know how much you care.” - Terry O'Reilly quoting Theodore Roosevelt, Canadian ISP Summit in Toronto

Well, we are jumping all over the globe! Earlier this month we participated in the Canadian ISP Summit in Toronto

Terry O’Reilly’s quote at the Summit really hit home for us: we believe that customers want to work with a company who does genuinely care for them. And let’s face it … when it comes to customer service, well, service providers haven’t had the best reputation historically.

So here at Axiros, we are working on the backend to make sure that our customers have the tools that make the quality of the customer experience and service the highest it can possibility be. By helping our customers SHOW that they care – providing the highest quality service that is dependable, easy to troubleshoot, and has an easy-to-use customer service portal – we help improve the experience and add that extra level of care to everything our customer does. They can then ease the relationship with value-added services and bonus offerings – and if a problem does arise – their own best-of-breed practices should quickly alleviate any challenges faced.

Another take-away from the Canadian ISP Summit is the amazing opportunity in North America. As a European-based company with offices worldwide, including one just outside of Boston, we are aware of the tremendous potential and look forward to working with the forward-thinking service providers in Canada over the next year and beyond! Their vision matches ours for the smart home, M2M and IoT.

In short, by meeting with 300 leading communications service providers at the Canadian ISP Summit, Axiros was able to demonstrate our AXESS ACS platform to an audience we haven’t spent a lot of time with to-date, but definitely hope to in the future!