Business & Enterprise

Leading Expertise In Mass Market Delivered To The B2B For Service Automation And Improved Efficiency

  • Telco technology delivered to verticals: Utilities, Finance, Government
  • Manage complex business devices and services
  • Integrated service view on multi-premise, VoIP networks
  • Increase Top Customers satisfaction through end to end service management

Any device on any network. Improve process efficiency!

Communication services for the business market offer the highest return to Service Providers and
generate the biggest headaches as well: technical complexity, lack of standardization, manual
processes, no consistency. 

Axiros brings to this domain its key values: leadership in the process automation for the residential
market and the most flexible management technology in the market.
Tier 1 Service Providers have already chosen Axiros for the management of business services:
Corporate connectivity, VoIP networks, Carrier WiFi. But the most rewarding aspect of this choice
has been the long lasting value of this investment and the ability to cope with the technology
innovations in the networking and network equipment.
Axiros has now reached out well beyond the limit of Telco services. With deliveries in the ever
growing field of large networks and infrastructure we have extended the capabilities of our platform
in the domain of utilities and smart cities. Whether our Customers are providing fire alarm control
or energy saving services they are leveraging on the Axiros capability to manage any device on
any network. And doing it efficiently.

AXESS for Business Market is bundling services like:

  • End-to-end service management for corporate customers
  • Technology and vendor ubiquity
  • Immediate and measurable return on investment by process automation
  • Better support to high-value, high-margin customers

In short, AXESS is the key foundation for improved Customer satisfaction.

The Axiros architecture for Business & Enterprise offers:

Industry ubiquity

  • Utilities 
  • Insurance and Banking 
  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Oil and Gas

Return on Investment

  • Proved to increase complex service provisioning efficiency
  • Reduce troubleshooting times buy improved consistency
  • Proactive case detection by configuration management and control
  • Network and Service elements alarm filtering and routing

Open architecture

  • Modules and functions can be implemented incrementally
  • No locked in Device Vendor
  • Available on premise or as a Cloud service
  • Natively multi-tenant and multi-domain

Use cases

  • Provisioning automation support 
  • Device and service inventory
  • Configuration management
  • Cross network and cross device integration

Key technologies!

  • Native support for major market leaders: Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP, etc. 
  • Config file processing and synthesis
  • Native integration with link layer protocols: DHCP, Radius, TACACS, Diameter, etc.
  • IPv6 and IPv4 in the single platform 

Architecture and scalability

  • Pluggable connectors for all major device vendors 
  • Asynchronous southbound protocol handlers for highest parallelism
  • Web services ( SOAP, REST, XML/RPC ) northbound interface
  • Fully customizable device and service inventory