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2nd EAI International Conference on IoT as a Service

In IoT platforms and middleware a huge focus has been put in the last few years on the aspects of data processing and interoperability; and not without reason as, at least at the moment, the majority of the use cases are still somehow related to telemetry and / or interconnection of devices in the field. These users cases will remain relevant in the next few years, as the adoption rate will increase and some agreement on standards will help the players in the IoT arena deliver integrated open solutions. 
However, while the adoption rate increases, the attention on operational aspects are becoming more and more relevant in deploying solutions that will be business and even life critical. And - since IoT is about connecting devices to a widely available Network - these aspects are starting to take the shape of questions: How do i recognize a new device ? How do I associate a device to an individual behind that ? How can I reject rogue device ? How are resources allocated on a fair basis in a widely changing environment ?
These issues are emerging from academic papers and technology labs and moving quickly in the business environment as IoT setups are being delivered to manage infrastructure like nationwide energy grids or the health and care services.

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