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Webinar: TR-069 and the road to the smart home



Complimentary webinar invitation:

TR-069 and the road to the smart home

May 27 at 3pm BST (10am EDT)


The home is getting smarter – and increasingly complicated to control and manage. In this webinar, Ovum will discuss the opportunities and challenges the smart home presents and the role the TR-069 protocol can play based on a survey of over 250 industry executives, including more than 100 working for service providers.


May 27 at 3pm BST (10am EDT) Register here
Time: 3pm London | 4pm Berlin | 10am New York | 6pm Dubai | 9am Chicago | 7am Los Angeles | 11am Sao Paulo | 4pm Johannesburg | 10pm Singapore | 7am San Francisco | 5pm Moscow | 5pm Helsinki | 7.30pm Mumbai | 11pm Tokyo | 1am Sydney

During this webinar:

Rob Gallagher
Director of Research, Media, Entertainment & Consumer


Kurt Peterhans


Alfeo Pareschi
Chief Strategy Officer

Rob Gallagher will be covering the following topics

  • Managing the home today 
    What business benefits is TR-069 delivering? Why is adoption of the protocol accelerating?

  • The outlook for TR-069
    How many TR-069 devices are in use today and how many will be in use in 2016?
  • The emerging smart home
    How – and why  is the home set to get smarter? What will drive or inhibit adoption?
  • Enabling the smart home
    What new management challenges will smart home services and devices pose?
  • TR-069 and the Internet of Things
    What role might TR-069 play in a world where ever more devices are connected? 

Kurt Peterhans, CEO of Axiros, will touch upon some of the milestones in TR-069's past and why understanding them is so important to the future of device management and the smart home. 

And finally, Alfeo Pareschi, Chief Strategy Office of Axiros, will address key drivers and success factors for Service Assurance in the Smart Home, including:

  • Network Independence
  • Service Configuration Abstraction
  • Designed for Cloud Scalability
  • API Layer

Please note: Robin Mersh, CEO of The Broadband Forum will also be available as part of the Q&A section to answer questions about BBF's plans with TR-069 and how people can get involved.

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