Axiros To Participate In Significant Smart Microgrid Research Study

Germany-Based Device Management Leader Continues its Moves into Smart Metering


(Munich, Germany) – Axiros, the technology leader in advanced service and device management, announced today its participation in a 3-plus-year research study on smart microgrid information and control. Fraunhofer Institute for Communication Systems (ESK) and the Technical University of Munich, Department of Electrical Power Networks (TUM), will manage the study, with assistance from Freistaat Bayern (the Free State of Bavaria).

Smart microgrids are locally-based, limited low or medium voltage networks in which different energy generators, consumers and memory work together so that as little power as possible is obtained from or delivered to the parent lattice planes. Smart microgrids advantages include:

  • The avoidance of energy losses due to reduced need for energy transport;
  • Improved prognosis of power flows;
  • Reduced demand for transport capacity; and
  • Easier integration of large amounts of renewable energy sources (RES).

Like any emerging industry, the operation of smart microgrid calls for new information and communication technology solutions. Axiros was tapped for the study based on its deep industry knowledge in IT device management – device management being a key component of an effective smart grid strategy. Specifically, the study will address the following topics:

  • Preferred measurement and control systems for customers in the commercial sector;
  • How best to directly link the data to the network control of public utilities; and
  • How best to deal with many different interfaces.

Additionally, researchers will be looking for solutions that best meet the following smart grid requirements:

  • The scalability of and dealing with the high volume of data in real time
  • Consideration of the quality of different access networks (latency, packet loss, disconnections, ...)
  • Ensuring continuous access devices
  • Safeguarding the integrity of the communication end to end
  • The encryption management (keying)
  • The scalability in terms of the number of devices to be controlled and read out
  • The processing and response speed
  • The redundancy concept

Axiros CEO Kurt Peterhans says his company is pleased to participate in the study. “Smart grid technology is a rapidly expanding field and we’re definitely seeing increased interest in our device management solutions as they relate to it,” he says. “By participating in the study, we have the opportunity to share our expertise and work together to design a smart microgrid area tailored and optimized smart grid communications center.”