6 June 2019 - MUNICH, GERMANY - Multiprotocol enterprise software leader Axiros adds another product to its AXACT embedded technology range. The AXACT DUAL embedded agent combines Broadband Forum (BBF) TR-069 and TR-369, also known as User Services Platform, or USP, capabilities in one embedded solution. With the continued expansion of the multiprotocol AXACT range, Axiros maintains its position as a technology leader dedicated to both mainstream and cutting-edge solutions. 

“The general release of the Axiros AXACT DUAL embedded agent is a technology milestone in our industry,” stated Axiros Chief Executive Officer, Kurt Peterhans. “By providing the marketplace a platform combining the capabilities of both BBF TR-069 and USP standards, Axiros allows manufacturers and operators to protect their investment in both widely adopted and emerging technology.”


 For less than the cost of separate embedded licenses for a TR-069 protocol stack or a TR-369 USP Agent Axiros customers have the power of both in one convenient embedded solution.  To help launch its newest technology Axiros is also offering convenient integration assistance to manufacturers and operators.

To create the AXACT DUAL Axiros applied its unique design approach by combining traditional CPE management operations with a USP-compliant service element endpoint framework. The result is a powerful multiprotocol agent with a shared data model and standards-based communications protocol. The AXACT DUAL agent can be managed by Auto Configuration Servers such as Axiros AXESS ACS and by task-specific USP Controllers simultaneously.

“What makes the AXACT DUAL so revolutionary,” added Daniel Egger, Axiros Principal Embedded Architect, “is the ability to provide management functions with an unlimited potential for highly secure, real time   applications for practical operations as well as revenue generating consumer interactions such as in-app transactions, and dedicated service delivery portals.”

 “Prior to the release of the AXACT DUAL secure communications between service element and platform in non-proprietary solutions were highly transactional. A control platform, such as an ACS, would request a conversation with a managed device,” stated Egger, “invoking a series of validation steps, much like screening a telephone conversation. Secure, always-on capabilities are standard with the AXACT DUAL, so analytic, diagnostic or even opportunistic data gathering is ongoing.”

In addition to two layers of security – including a Message Transfer Protocol (MTP) layer, via Transfer Layer Security (TLS) or Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) and an application layer, with end-to-end TLS-based USP encryption – the AXACT DUAL can be managed by multiple task-specific server-side controllers, allowing multi-tenant operations for a wide range of IoT operations.

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Axiros is a world leader in the innovation and development of award-winning multiprotocol enterprise device management software solutions for telecommunications, cable broadband, defense and the Internet of Things (IoT).  Based in Munich, Germany, Axiros develops and licenses embedded solutions for manufacturers, server-side solutions for operators and provides design, development and consulting services to government and industry.