Zero Config snom Device Management

The AXESS IDM SNOM is an outstanding and easy-to-use management platform for all snom phones. It unifies all phone devices in one single instance and enables administrators to fully manage any snom phone in any environment and independent of the PBX that is in use.


  • Zero-touch provisioning for any parameter and phone type

  • Configuration templates for user specific phone settings

  • Configuration templates for group specific phone settings

  • Flexible CSV-Import for user specific data

  • User- and group-depending configuration of function keys

  • Flexible CSV-import for user specific data

  • Easy to use support portal

  • Configuration Backup and Device replacement

  • Firmware management

  • View SIP-traces or phone logs

  • Hot desk function for any type of PBX

  • Roll out management with thought-out CPE-search

  • 3 different user roles (administrator, operator and supporter)