IP Address Management And Provisioning

Designed To Benefit Carrier-Grade Networks - As Flexible As Can Be!

AX DHCP server is a clusterable carrier-grade DHCP / IPAM (IP Address Management) solution that can be seamlessly integrated within given provisioning platforms. AX DHCP copes with FttH, ONT provisioning, VOIP and IPTV services. 


The Flexibility To Hit Moving Targets

  • DHCP request handling can be customized regarding parsing and synthesis of static and dynamic information

  • Exchange arbitrary and vendor specific options via DHCP

  • Parse the complete DHCP information stream and have access to the complete information set within the DHCP stream

  • Data gathering and aggregation from and to any ACS

  • No parameterization through static configuration files

  • Freely programmable IP provisioning logic - no limitations through hard coded functionality

  • Clusterable, node synchronization via AXESS CM (Cluster Manager)


  • 2009: 1200 five-way handshakes per second

  • 2010: 2022 5way handshakes per second

  • 2011: 6068 5way handshakes per second

  • 2012: 6826 5way handshakes per second

  • 2013: 9860 five-way handshakes per second

All measurements taken from existing productive carrier implementations with COTS HW


End-to-End Device Provisioning

  • Configurable caching of responses

  • Integrated within AXESS ACS provisioning flows

  • IP calculation from Option 82 information

  • ACS URL by DSLAM port

  • TR-069 inform generation directly from DHCP process

  • Dynamic TFTP or HTTP server forwarding to CPE

Seamless North-, South- and Westbound integration

  • Transcend Business Logic Between Your OSS/BSS, Databases And Subscriber Devices

  • External interfaces adaptable at deployment time to fit operators’ needs

  • Information PUSH / PULL from and to nothbound backend systems via SOAP, SQL, XML RPC ...

  • Databases supported: Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL ...