IP Address Management And Provisioning

Designed To Benefit Carrier-Grade Networks - As Flexible As Can Be!

AX.DHCP server is a clusterable carrier-grade DHCP / IPAM (IP Address Management) solution that can be seamlessly integrated within given provisioning platforms. AX.DHCP copes with FttH, ONT provisioning, VOIP and IPTV services. 


The Flexibility To Hit Moving Targets

  • DHCP request handling can be customized regarding parsing and synthesis of static and dynamic information

  • Exchange arbitrary and vendor specific options via DHCP

  • Parse the complete DHCP information stream and have access to the complete information set within the DHCP stream

  • Data gathering and aggregation from and to any ACS

  • No parameterization through static configuration files

  • Freely programmable IP provisioning logic - no limitations through hard coded functionality

  • Clusterable, node synchronization via AXESS CM (Cluster Manager)


  • 2009: 1200 five-way handshakes per second

  • 2010: 2022 5way handshakes per second

  • 2011: 6068 5way handshakes per second

  • 2012: 6826 5way handshakes per second

  • 2013: 9860 five-way handshakes per second

All measurements taken from existing productive carrier implementations with COTS HW


End-to-End Device Provisioning

  • Configurable caching of responses

  • Integrated within AXESS.ACS provisioning flows

  • IP calculation from Option 82 information

  • ACS URL by DSLAM port

  • TR-069 inform generation directly from DHCP process

  • Dynamic TFTP or HTTP server forwarding to CPE

Seamless North-, South- and Westbound integration

  • Transcend Business Logic Between Your OSS/BSS, Databases And Subscriber Devices

  • External interfaces adaptable at deployment time to fit operators’ needs

  • Information PUSH / PULL from and to nothbound backend systems via SOAP, SQL, XML RPC ...

  • Databases supported: Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL ...