TR-069 In The Cloud - As A Managed Service

AXESS CLOUD SMB - our cloud borne TR-069 service offering. Allowing small to medium businesses (SMBs) to securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the cost and complexity of self hosting an ACS. SMBs can now get control over their devices and automate complex processes around (re-)configuration, monitoring and trouble shooting.

Works with:

  • AVM,

  • ZyXEL,

  • MikroTik and

  • all other broadband forum TR-069 compliant devices

Combine the benefits of SaaS with the leading Device Management platform:

  • Reduced Service Costs:

    • Having Axiros manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and less people needed to manage it all.

    • Eradicates initial costs — while delivered on a subscription basis, AXESS CLOUD eliminates the initial costs

    • Stop using, stop paying - terminate your contract when you no longer require the service.

  • Automated Provisioning: Internet, WiFi and Voice Line settings for DSL, LTE and FTTH devices

  • Firmware Management: Schedule, monitor and run your firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices

  • Remote Support: Execute helpful operations like Reboot, Factory Reset or Reconfiguration

  • Connectivity Tests: Check Up- and Download bandwidth, run remote ping tests

  • Remote (Re-)Configuration: Provision WiFi, DHCP and other service parameter settings remotely

  • Near Real-Time Monitoring: Retrieve critical status information about your devices

But above all:

  • Made in Germany, engineered by Axiros

  • AXESS CLOUD SMB is based on the AXESS device management platform, which is used by many of the worlds leading carriers and service providers since over 10 years.

  • We manage data privacy according to german GDPR

  • TLS encrypted communication between the cloud, you and your devices

  • Benefit from our regular platform upgrades, introducing new supported devices, useful features and guaranteeing smooth and secure system operation.

  • Professional support from our skilled engineers

  • AXESS CLOUD SMB lets you manage devices and services over xDSL, PON, WiMAX, Cable and FttX.