TR-069 In The Cloud - As A Managed Service

AXESS CLOUD SP - our cloud borne TR-069 service offering. Allowing service providers (SPs) to securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the cost and complexity of self hosting an ACS. Service providers can now automate complex processes like service activation while growing slowly into the related solution operation.

Works with:

  • AVM,

  • ZyXEL,

  • MikroTik and

  • all other broadband forum TR-069 compliant devices

Combine the benefits of SaaS with the leading Device Management platform:

  • Reduced Service Costs:

    • Having Axiros manage the IT infrastructure means lower IT costs for hardware, software, and less people needed to manage it all.

    • Eradicates initial costs — while delivered on a subscription basis, AXESS CLOUD eliminates the initial costs

    • Stop using, stop paying - terminate your contract when you no longer require the service.

  • Automated Provisioning: Internet, WiFi and Voice Line settings for DSL, LTE and FTTH devices

  • Firmware Management: Schedule, monitor and run your firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices

  • Remote Support: Execute helpful operations like Reboot, Factory Reset or Reconfiguration

  • Connectivity Tests: Check Up- and Download bandwidth, run remote ping tests

  • Remote (Re-)Configuration: Provision WiFi, DHCP and other service parameter settings remotely

  • Near Real-Time Monitoring: Retrieve critical status information about your devices

  • APIs to integrate into your OSS/BSS

But above all:

  • Made in Germany, engineered by Axiros

  • AXESS CLOUD SP is based on the AXESS device management platform, which is used by many of the worlds leading carriers and service providers since over 10 years.

  • We manage data privacy according to german GDPR

  • TLS encrypted communication between the cloud, you and your devices

  • Benefit from our regular platform upgrades, introducing new supported devices, useful features and guaranteeing smooth and secure system operation.

  • Professional support from our skilled engineers

  • AXESS CLOUD SP lets you manage devices and services over xDSL, PON, WiMAX, Cable and FttX.