Embedded Solutions

Take Control Of Your Devices With TR-069. Easy!

  • Fully compliant and BBF conformant TR-069 stack

  • Open for standard data-models and vendor extensions

  • Open for lightweight and IoT protocols

  • Available on CPEs and embedded Self Care applications

The Connected World Is Pushing For More Intelligence

... on the devices and more control to build compelling applications. This is the scenario that the Broadband Forum has been addressing for the last ten years with the ever evolving family of protocols of TR-069.

Axiros has built on more than a decade experience in Open Device Management and a commitment with interoperability to deliver to the market the best TR-069 stack architecture: performance, portability, flexibility, extensibility and ease of integration. All of these are key values that ensure a lasting advantage to device vendors and service providers who decide to take control of the end user equipment.

As an embedded software engineer you are looking for lean, maintainable, efficient code that will not harm the performance of your platform. 

As a system architect you are looking for a modular design that will allow you to optimize functions versus resources. 

As a product line manager you are looking for a software component designed to last and continuously offer new revenue opportunities.

As an application designer you are looking for an out of the box function that will allow your app to be seamlessly integrated in the service provider management infrastructure.

With Axiros you will find them all and in a single product: AXACT.

The Axiros Embedded Software Offers

Designed for Innovation

  • UPnP ready as optional module

  • XMPP for Connected Home

  • MQTT for Internet of Things

  • Ready for CWMP 2.0


  • Out-of-the box on Linux and OpenWRT

  • Compatible with most of the industry RTOS

  • Already integrated with leading standards STB middleware

  • Ported and integrated on Apps for MS Windows, Mac OSX and Android


  • Telco and Media

  • Utilities

  • Cloud and Virtualization

  • Smart Home / Smart Building / Smart City

Use cases

  • Automatic configuration

  • Remote support

  • Resource management

  • Quality monitoring

Architecture and scalability

  • ANSI C and POSIX compliance for best portability

  • Fully modular architecture for best footprint

  • Asynchronous communication for best performance

  • BBF certified via PD-128 compliance test


Protocol and Data Models

  • TR-069 Am. 4 ( Am. 5 in Q4-14 )

  • TR-098 and TR-181i2 out of the box

  • TR-104 and TR-135 ready as optional modules

  • TR-143 ready as optional module