Axiros Celebrates the 1st Year of its Contribution to the Quality Measurement of Broadband in Brazil


18 February 2019 – SAO PAULO, BRASILAxiros celebrates the 1st year of its participation in the quality measurement process of broadband in Brazil, currently held by ABR Telecom as the Inspection Entity of the Broadband Quality – (EAQ as the Portuguese acronym).

The system provided by Axiros, in a partnership with Cleartech, collects and processes more than 5 million records per day from large-scale providers throughout Brazil.

The role of EAQ is to measure the quality of multimedia communication service and the personal mobile service based on parameters set out by local regulation and to inform the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL).

About ABR Telecom
ABR Telecom is focused on centralized management of technology solutions in shared environments, creating value for telecommunications operators, highlighting its role as Administrators of Number Portability (EA), Supervisory Body of Wholesale Offers (ESOA) and Quality Inspection Entity (EAQ).
The solutions offered are developed jointly with its Associates and the services are provided through strategic partnerships, in which high technology resources are employed, in line with the best practices of the telecommunications market.
ABR Telecom adds to the solutions provided process-based management focused on results, aiming at the best solutions, at the best cost.
Since 1998, it has added differentiated services in its portfolio and continues to guide its growth in the experience acquired in the management of systems and processes, consolidating, with each new service provided, its role in the fundamental support to the development of telecommunications in the country.

About Axiros
AXIROS is a world leader in IoT, M2M, TR-069 and device management, providing software solutions and platforms for service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide. 
AXIROS solutions orchestrate any type of service in any universe of devices, monitoring and providing dynamic and automated forms of interaction with the devices and the configurations they require.
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Munich, Axiros has sales and service offices and development centers worldwide, so as needs change, Axiros will always be close by to deliver.
More than 200 large customers worldwide already have AXIROS solutions, taking advantage of solutions that are perfectly tailored to their specific needs and reliable systems with high performance and low hardware requirements.