Axiros Solution Portfolio

Operators and CSPs are struggling for connectivity, new services and customer intimacy. While profit pools decline, technologies and services converge, and new players in the broader ecosystem offer over-the-top, Axiros can help. The Axiros solution portfolio paves the way to a winning Device Management strategy. Solutions that convert strategy to results. Results which

  • Boost the digital service acceleration and

  • Lever customer experience.

Open Device & Service Management

Streamline and Automate the Entire Service and Device Lifecycle

Axiros Open Device Management solutions can be operated “on premise” or “as a Service”. Based on Broadband Forum's protocols for provisioning and managing in-home devices, the solution discovers detailed information about all connected devices at your home. It provides visibility for both service providers and subscribers through easy-to-use web portals. The solution also includes a flexible workflow engine that offers a means for the service provider to deliver automated but complex high-value services.

Automatic Provisioning of Complex Services

  • Zero-Touch

  • Captive Portals

  • Multiple-Play ( HSI, VoIP, IPTV )

  • Device & Service Inventory

OSS/BSS Integration

  • Customer care and billing

  • Order management systems to enable end-to-end service delivery

  • Trouble ticketing

  • Network inventory

  • Network and performance management

Quality of Experience Management (QoE)

  • Better decision making with analytics and reporting

  • Proactive problem identification

  • Analysis on service utilization

  • Integrated quality dashboard across network elements

Management of all kind of Devices

  • Simple xDSL Remote Gateways (RG)

  • Set-Top boxes (STBs) alongside the RG

  • Cable Modems

  • FttX ONTs

  • Complex Business Routers (BR)

Southbound Interoperability

  • Vendor-independent management of TR-069 capable devices

  • Support of multi-vendor device strategies

  • Integration of the legacy base of non-TR-069 devices

  • Management of the Connected Home

Heterogeneous Access Environments

  • xDSL and FttX

  • WiMax, 3G and LTE

  • HFC

  • VSAT

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End Customer Self Care

Elevate from Technical Support to CSR Portals to
Self Care Apps

We Outline The Path From Technical Support to QoE

  • From Customer Care Portals to Self Service Portals

  • Enables self-management of key service features

  • Offers support provided by passionate expert users

  • Drives cost efficiency and improves customer experience

Home Network Policy Management

  • Parental control

  • Usage and access monitoring

  • Virtual SSID and Access Points configuration

  • Service Queues policy management

Integration of Management Functions

  • Home Network map

  • Connectivity check-point

  • Device configuration backup/restore

  • WiFi link status and quality control

Multi Channel Capabilities

  • Template-based rendering engine

  • Skinnable UI

  • REST and JSON APIs

  • Profile aware Content Management System


  • Power users blog sections

  • Users managed FAQs

  • Q&A scoring

  • Direct access to troubleshooting receipts

End to End Process Support

  • Enable legacy devices on the ACS

  • Connect a device for troubleshooting with uplink loss

  • Pre-collect device logs before caring process

  • Start a case directly from the mobile app

Multi-access Capabilities

  • Self Care Portal engine

  • Self Care Apps

  • Available on Android, iOS and MS Mobile

  • Customizable navigation flow

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Business Edge Management

OSS and Network Lifecycle Orchestration

Communication services for the business market offer the highest return to Service Providers and generate the biggest headaches as well: technical complexity, lack of standardization, manual processes, no consistency. 

Axiros brings to this domain its key values: Leadership in process automation for the residential market and the most flexible management technology in the market.

Tier 1 Service Providers have already chosen Axiros for the management of business services: Corporate connectivity, VoIP networks, Carrier WiFi. But the most rewarding aspect of this choice has been the long lasting value of this investment and the ability to cope with the technology innovations in the networking and network equipment. Axiros has now reached out well beyond the limit of Telco services. With deliveries in the ever growing field of large networks and infrastructure we have extended the capabilities of our platform
in the domain of utilities and smart cities. Whether our Customers are providing fire alarm control or energy saving services they are leveraging on the Axiros capability to manage any device on any network. And doing it efficiently.

Return on Investment

  • Proved to increase complex service provisioning efficiency

  • Reduce troubleshooting times buy improved consistency

  • Proactive case detection by configuration management and control

  • Network and Service elements alarm filtering and routing

Open Architecture

  • Modules and functions can be implemented incrementally

  • No locked in Device Vendor

  • Available on premise or as a Cloud service

  • Natively multi-tenant and multi-domain

Architecture and Scalability

  • Pluggable connectors for all major device vendors

  • Asynchronous southbound protocol handlers for highest parallelism

  • Web services ( SOAP, REST, XML/RPC ) northbound interface

  • Fully customizable device and service inventory

Use Cases

  • Provisioning automation support

  • Device and service inventory

  • Configuration management

  • Cross network and cross device integration

  • Layer 3 VPN

  • L2 Virtual Private Wire Service (VPWS)

  • L2 Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

  • Managed firewalls

  • SBCs for VoIP

Key Technologies

  • Native support for major market leaders: Cisco, Juniper, Huawei, HP, etc.

  • Config file processing and synthesis

  • Native integration with link layer protocols: DHCP, Radius, TACACS, Diameter, etc.

  • IPv6 and IPv4 in the single platform

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All Axiros products can be deployed and operated “On-Premises” or “as a Service”.

Smart Internet of Things (IoT) Automation

Intelligent Control for M2M and IoT Services

That’s the battle cry of the movement called the Internet of Things (IoT), or according to some, the Internet of Everything (IoE). It’s time to become accustomed to this idea, but progress is being made in achieving the ultimate goal—a network that connects practically all physical devices. Some call the IoT movement the fourth generation of the Internet.

IoT represents the fourth generation, dubbed by many as the “networking of everything else.” It’s now technically and economically possible to put virtually everything on the Internet, setting up what looks to be a very interesting future with all of the potential benefits, downsides, and unintended consequences.

But the challenge for the service provider is "control". How to support and manage a virtually unlimited number of applications on any possible type of data link in a way that is sustainable from the service provider perspective ? How to isolate platform services and make an economy of scale possible.

Axiros enables the fourth generation of Internet and delivers in the hands of the service providers the most powerful tool for:

  • Service Creation

  • Service Delivery

  • Service Moinitoring and Control


  • Smart Home

  • Energy metering and management

  • Physical security

  • Healthcare

Integration and Interfacing

  • Web APIs dynamically creates

  • Notifications via Web APIs or SNMP

  • Fully dynamical data models

  • Authentication and profiling


  • Telco and Service Providers

  • Utilities

  • Enterprises

  • Government

Use Cases

  • Automatic service activation

  • Service delivery ubiquity

  • Remote support

  • Data collection and analytics

Architecture and Scalability

  • Distributed business logic

  • Support for short range radio protocols

  • Embedded software portable on any POSIX platform

  • Natively multi-tenant and self care enabled


  • Zigbee and ZWave

  • TR-069 , TR-369 and MQTT

  • TR-157 and TR-181i2

  • REST, SOAP, WEbSockets APIs

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Cloud Automation & Managed Services

Affordable for Businesses of Any Size

The Axiros cloud-based network management platform provides deep operational visibility into TR-069 capable devices. This includes zero-touch provisioning, remote configuration and configuration updates, software (including firmware) upgrades, monitoring, real-time problem diagnosis, and troubleshooting of common home networking problems such as Wi-Fi, firewall, and basic broadband connectivity of devices. Bulk operations help automate the mass management of home devices and help service providers lower the cost of deploying and maintaining large numbers of subscriber devices. 

All of the above is now accessible from a convenient Cloud based infrastructure - either directly from Axiros service centers or by running it from any Cloud provider. As Service Providers, Device Manufacturers or Business Process Outsourcers the advantage of running a multi-tenant device and service management infrastructure will immediately turn out in terms of:

  • Reduced operational costs

  • Improved time to market

  • Better insight in your service quality


  • Retail devices automatic activation and Captive portals

  • Business devices automatic provisioning and remote support

  • Carrier WiFi networks

  • One-stop shop device and service management for regional operators

Integration and Interfacing

  • Web APIs dynamically creates

  • Notifications via Web APIs or SNMP

  • Fully dynamical data models

  • Authentication and profiling


  • Telco and Service Providers

  • Enterprises

  • Retailers

  • Device Manufacturers

Use Cases

  • Multi-layer domain administration

  • Multi-layer user management

  • Device and service activation and control

  • Multi-domain service monitoring

Architecture and Scalability

  • Natively integrated with all major Cloud providers

  • Fully distributed and geo-redundant

  • No data model or management protocol lock-in

  • Support for external user authenticators

Protocol and Data Models

  • Complete support for TR-069

  • TR-181i2, TR-104, TR-135 ( HSI, VoIP, IPTV )


  • Radius, DHCP, LDAP and TACACS integrations available

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Monitor - Analyze - Predict - Enhance the Quality of Customer Experience

AXTRACT enables the transformation of every device (Modems, VoIP phones, Set-Top Boxes) into sophisticated probes to measure service quality. Additionally, AXTRACT can significantly help the Customer Reps and the Technical Support in the troubleshooting process by supplying a historical view on service usage correlated with the technical parameters.
The analysis is enabled on arbitrary groups or down to a single device, including changes of service related parameters. All data are made available in near real time to ensure that all relevant events generated in the network are promptly collected and made available to the Network and Service operations team to ensure the fastest resolution time.
Timeliness is a key value; at the same time, the AXTRACT engine enables Big Data analytics on a large set of key indicators that help service providers identify bottlenecks in their delivery processes. AXTRACT is answering KPI related investigations like:

  • Which gateways in the field deliver the best/worst WAN quality

  • Is packet loss on the uplink the major cause for streaming errors on the set top box

  • How different STB / VoIP phones vendors handle packet loss and are resilient to network errors

In short, AXTRACT is the key enabler for any proactive assurance process in the OSS.

Return on Investment

  • Proved to reduce “no defect found” rate on CPEs

  • Shorten detection of firmware incompatibilities

  • Increases First Call Resolution rates

  • Optimizes new service creation time

Integration and Interfacing

  • Data collection from: TR-069, SNMP, HTTP, Telnet, etc.

  • Data exchange: ETL, REST/JSON, JQuery

  • Seamless integration with any ACS

  • Web Toolkit GUIs and graphical widgets

Open Architecture

  • All calculation modules available for customization

  • No locked-in data model!

  • Data stores open and accessible by 3rd party tools!

  • Component modules can be taken in isolation

Use Cases

  • Reactive assurance

  • Proactive assurance

  • Inter-device analysis

  • Network quality analysis

Architecture and Scalability

  • NoSQL Data Stores for complex object representation

  • Natively distributed architecture with Geo-redundancy

  • Flow-based, real time data processing

  • Fastest TR-069 protocol processing in the market

Analytics Capabilities

  • Pre-built functions library

  • Scripting engine for customization

  • Cross-device, cross-service analysis

  • Advanced graphical and image rendering capabilities

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Carrier Grade DHCP

IP Address Management v4/v6 &
Service Provisioning

AX DHCP is the industry’s proven, open and scalable solution. 

With industry-proven reliability, AX DHCP allows supporting millions of IP addresses. AX DHCP provides IPv6 support and makes use of automation for mission critical DHCP services.


Proven Stability & Reliability

  • Proven performance and scalability across customers globally

  • 20+ years of expertise in DHCP

  • High-availability architecture

  • Rapid and tight OSS integration

  • Carrier-grade DHCP throughput levels

  • Market-proven scalability and reliability

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All Axiros products can be deployed and operated “On-Premise” or “as a Service”.

QoS Measurements for Regulatories

Speed and Latency Testing Program

  • Full service performance measures test program for Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II Recipients

  • Automated FCC & USAC compliant speed testing

  • Automated FCC & USAC compliant latency testing

  • End-to-end program for ISPs of all size

  • Provides all necessary test data

  • No hidden requirements

  • Axiros ACS used for 50 test locations at no extra charge, and it can be used to manage other CPE devices, if desired

  • One full year of test data stored

  • Quarterly summary reports for operational excellence

  • No extra hardware required - Don’t let large hardware manufacturers lock you into proprietary solutions. We use the TR-143 datamodel.

  • We will assist with any regulatory review - no new employees needed

AX CAF Performance Plus

  • USAC FCC Compliant Speed & Latency

  • Optimum Test Routing

  • Scheduled Testing

  • Test Data Storage & Analysis

  • Final Certfied Report

  • Audit Services

  • NOC-assisted Services

Speed Testing

  • A single measurement of download or upload speed of 10 to 15 seconds duration between a specific consumer location and a specific remote server location. 

  • If download load > 64 Kbps downstream, defer download test for one minute.

  • If upload load > 32 Kbps upstream, defer upload test for one minute .

  • Reevaluate before retrying the test, continue at one-minute intervals until the speed test can be run or the one-hour test window ends and the test for that hour is canceled.

Latency Testing

  • A single measurement of latency, often performed using a single User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet or a group of three packets sent at essentially the same time, as is common with ping tests.

  • If consumer load exceeds 64 Kbps downstream, defer test for one minute. 

  • Reevaluate before retrying the test.

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Protocol & Stacks

TR-069, TR-369 / USP, Things IoT-zation

The Axiros AXACT DUAL agent is used to provide combined TR-069 and TR-369 functionality to almost any kind of device. AXACT DUAL takes the AXACT product line to a new level by combining the proven AXACT TR-069 technology with a new AXACT USP engine into a single implementation.

Download the COMPLIMENTARY Axiros AXACT Benefits Whitepaper!

  • Fully written in C (C90)

  • Compatible with every POSIX-compliant system (Linux, macOS, Android, etc.) and Windows

  • Full support of the TR-069 and USP standards, interoperability tested at UNH IOL plugfests

  • Supports every BBF compliant and USP enabled data model

  • Modular design for easy customization

  • Multi-controller and MTP support

  • Concurrent operation of TR-069 and USP provides an excellent migration and upgrade path for existing infrastructure

  • Lightning fast implementation and integration due to modular design, extensive error checking; very high degree of automation

  • Comes with extensive tooling and integration support

  • Smooth upgrade path from previous AXACT implementations

  • Share a data model and mapping implementation between TR-069 and USP protocols

  • Very lightweight: 200 - 350 kB binary, depending on selected features and datamodel

  • Embedded licensing for manufacturers

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Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

Optimize Quality of Experience of Cable Networks by Smart Maintenance!

  • Identify and locate the source of linear distortions in the field using your existing cable modem termination system (CMTS) and cable modems

  • Monitor transmission impairments like micro-reflections and group delays

  • Proactively identify impairments by data retrival from cable modems

  • Check downstream/upstream frequency response

  • Identify trends and fix network impairments before the subscriber’s service is affected

  • Check spectrum changes in downstream/upstream channel in real time

Quickly Locate Upstream Impairments

  • Detect in-home vs. outside plant issues

  • Find issues like bad wiring, microfractures, corroded connectors, reverse splitters and bad wiring

  • See micro-reflections and group delay

  • Visualize modems being impacted by common impairment

Separate Important Ones from the Unimportant

  • Pinpoint the location using mapping technology

  • Drill down on worst performing modems

  • Decrease maintenance costs and prevent future outages

  • Improve operational efficiency

Increase Customer QoE

  • Improve video and time-critical data services

  • Find and fix problems before they impact customers

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Carrier Grade WiFi Optimization

Adapt Automatically to Constantly Changing WiFi Conditions

Improve Quality Of Experience In Complex WiFi Ecosystems.
Create WOW Moments - Unleash WiFi!

The most significant costs associated with a service are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. WiFi performance is affected by a number of factors such as noise, co-channel interference (CCI), adjacent channel interference (ACI) and others.

  • Carrier WiFi performance visualization for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band

  • Proactive WiFi performance analytics

  • Automated WiFi issue fixing in complex network ecosystems

  • Improve WiFi QoE within the digital home and businesses


  • Proactive WiFi performance analysis and visualisation

  • Identification of WiFi performance bottlenecks

  • WiFi service outage / performance alarms

  • Corrective action recommendations for CSRs

  • Automated corrective actions in real-time

  • Fully integrated with service provider systems

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