AX DOCSIS | Carrier Grade DOCSIS Management

AX DOCSIS - Multivendor Provisioning System

AX DOCSIS is a centralized, multivendor provisioning solution for managing Cable Modems and PacketCable E-MTAs and CPEs. It allows you to automate business processes related to service orchestration, reduce operating costs and significantly accelerate the time-to-market for cable operators.

AX DOCSIS supports such technologies as IPv4/IPv6, DOCSIS 3.1, DOCSIS 4.0, and PacketCable 1.5/ 2.0. Provisioning Servers include integrated DHCPv4/ DHCPv6/TFTP/ TOD/SNMP/SNMP services.


Key Features of AX DOCSIS

  • High performance DHCP and TFTP services

  • Flexible and customizable device - and service provisioning flows

  • Reliable, scalable solution and distributed architecture

AX DOCSIS Features & Functionalities

  • Dynamic and static IPv4 and IPv6 addresses allocation

  • TFTP Service allows provisioning large numbers of CMs &MTAs at the same time via static and dynamic files

  • Flexible logic configuration based on Client/Device classes

  • Configuration of subscriber services based on user-defined policies

  • Integration with third-party OSS platforms in the process of address negotiation or requesting configuration files, including LDAP, SQL databases or APIs

  • Dynamic generation of configuration files based on a customer profile, CM/MTA specification (Model, HW, SW)

  • Possibility of address allocation over API so that northbound IPAM systems can automatically track utilization of IPv4 and IPv6 resources

  • Scalable customizable service for lease utilization history that meets all the functional and legal requirements

  • Application containerization support

  • Flexibility: Source code of all components is available to ensure maximum flexibility and wide customization possibilities

  • Web browser based user interface that provides simple access to all settings and configurations


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