AX69 | Out-of-the-Box TR-069 ACS Server

AX69 - The Axiros Ready-To-Use ACS Server

The Axiros AX69 product line offers effortless device management at your fingertips. One single platform to troubleshoot devices, manage their firmware and configure internet access, network and telephony services. AX69 is available as SaaS through the cloud or as on-premises solution.

AX69 Features & Benefits

  • Automated Provisioning: Internet, WiFi, VoIP and ISDN line settings for DSL, LTE and Fiber devices

  • Real-Time Insights: Retrieve critical status information about your devices

  • Remote Support: Execute helpful operations like Reboot, Factory Reset or (Re-) configuration

  • Remote (Re-) configuration: Configure WiFi, DHCP and other service parameter settings remotely in real-time

  • Connectivity Tests: Check Up- and Download bandwidth, run remote ping tests

  • Firmware Management: Schedule, monitor and run your firmware upgrade campaigns across all your devices

  • Integration: An extensive set of APIs allows you to integrate device management directly into your backend applications

  • MESH Topology View: A perfect tool to quickly identify issues in the user network - it shows not only all the devices connected to the router but the connection quality as well


MESH Topology View

  • AX69 lets you manage devices and services over ADSL, VDSL, LTE or Fiber

  • With drastically reduced service costs due to its architecture

  • Benefit from our regular platform upgrades, introducing new supported devices, useful features and guaranteeing smooth and secure system operation

  • Professional support from our skilled engineers

  • AX69 is based on the AXESS device management platform, which is used by many of the world´s leading carriers and service providers since over 10 years

  • We manage data privacy according to German GDPR

  • Made in Germany, engineered by Axiros

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AX69 Product Line

AX69 CLOUD - OOTB Device Management

AX69 CLOUD - our cloud born ACS service offering.

The perfect fit for any kind of small and medium business to manage their network and telephony devices in an easy yet secure way.

Service Providers (SPs) can benefit from AX69 CLOUD too: you can now securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the cost and complexity of self hosting an ACS. AX69 CLOUD also enables you to automate complex processes like service activation while growing slowly into the related solution operation.

  • Reduced Service Costs:

    • Having Axiros manage the IT infrastructure means no additional costs for
      hardware, software, and staff to manage the infrastructure — all covered by the
      subscription fee.

    • Minimum initial costs — while delivered on a subscription basis, AX69 almost
      eliminates the initial costs.

  • Stop using, stop paying: terminate your contract when you no longer require the

  • Zero deployment time: your service will be launched within minutes.

  • Zero upgrade time: we manage all platform upgrades without service interrupt for

  • Autoscaling: we scale your service in the background as your demands change.

Cloud Based TR-069

Cloud based TR-069 is a remote management protocol that helps internet service providers and telecommunication brands manage customer premises equipment (CPE). The protocol defines a way for the CPE to automatically connect and communicate with an auto configuration server (ACS). 

The advantage of using the cloud for TR-069 is that it can be implemented quickly and easily, without the need for on-premises hardware or software. It also offers increased flexibility and scalability, as well as reduced operational costs. In addition, cloud based TR-069 is generally more secure than traditional on-premises solutions. 

Overall, cloud based TR-069 is an attractive option for both internet service providers and telecommunication brands.


ACS Cloud Services

A cloud-based auto-configuration server (ACS) is a type of server that helps to manage and configure network equipment. It is typically used by telco and ISP providers in order to manage large networks of devices. The ACS cloud provides a number of benefits, including the ability to remotely configure devices, reduced maintenance costs, and increased scalability. In addition, the ACS cloud can be used to provide a variety of services, such as VoIP, IPTV, and data storage. As a result, it is an essential tool for many telco and ISP providers.

AX69 ON-PREMISES - OOTB Device Management

AX69 ON-PREMISES - our ready to use ACS solution as on-premises installation.

The perfect fit for any kind of small and medium business to manage their network and telephony devices in an easy yet secure way.

Service Providers (SPs) can benefit from AX69 ON-PREMISES too: you can now securely deploy all kind of TR-069 enabled devices and things, without the need for extensive customization and related costs. With AX69 ON-PREMISES service operation and sclability stay in your control.

  • Drastically lowered initial costs - due to its architecture and OOTB functionality AX69 ON-PREMISES can be installed and upgraded faster and easier than ever before

  • Privacy: deployed at the customer premises, all data stays inside the customer network.

  • Scalability: easily scale up and down the system as your demands change.


Supported Devices

Works with:

  • AVM,

  • ZyXEL,

  • MikroTik,

  • TP-Link,

  • Huawei,

  • ZTE,

  • D-Link,


  • OneAccess, and

  • all other Broadband Forum TR-069 compliant devices

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