Quality Of Experience

Collect, Monitor, Diagnose And Analyze Your Customer´s Experience!

AXTRACT is a high-performing, fully transparent monitoring solution designed to gather high volume diagnostic load without the need to pass it through a productive 3rd party ACS.

As IP services become increasingly complex and pervasive, it is imperative for operators to be able to effectively measure and understand the Quality of Service and Quality of Experience associated with IP service delivery.

AXTRACT can significantly support troubleshooting processes by supplying a historical view and analysis of service quality, including changes of service-related parameters - ranging from user-selected device groups or categories to a single device.

AXTRACT additionally delivers near-real time information about service quality when other devices in the service delivery chain (e.g. RGW and STB) register an error.


  • No additional 3rd party software cost

  • Flexible collection mechanism (based on GPV)

  • ACS independent

  • Flexible OSS/BSS integration mechanism for Metadata Injection (push and pull)

  • Ability to export collected data in different formats

  • Alerting framework for Proactive Support and Alarming

  • Storage Optimization (RRD usage, short notation for parameters, etc.)

  • Fully compliant with diagnostic extensions like TR-143 and TR-157, to transform a device into a real active probe

  • Fully Multi-protocol Collectors (available for TR-069, telnet, ssh, http, snmp, etc.)

  • Powerful Post Processing Tool (raw data and aggregation)

  • High Level of Scalability (design patterns to really scale)

  • High Performance (thousands of inform messages/sec/server)

  • Ability to give different priorities to collected data

  • Runs on low-cost hardware, with reduced hardware requirements