AXWIFI | WiFi Troubleshooting and Optimization Software


AXWIFI is the Axiros flagship product for carrier grade predictive and proactive WiFi Optimization and troubleshooting - for the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band. This to improve WiFi QoE within the digital home and businesses.

AXWIFI is a tool that helps network administrators manage and optimize their wireless networks. The software provides a variety of features that can help improve the performance of a wireless network, including signal strength testing, channel analysis, and troubleshooting tools. Additionally, the software can also be used to manage WiFi passwords and user permissions. By using WiFi Troubleshooting and Optimization Software, network administrators can ensure that their wireless networks are running smoothly and efficiently.


Key Features of AXWIFI

  • Carrier WiFi performance visualization for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band

  • Proactive WiFi performance analytics

  • Automated WiFi issue fixing in complex network ecosystems

  • Improve WiFi QoE within the digital home and businesses

How WiFi Optimization & Management Software Benefits Telcos and ISPs?

One of the primary benefits of WiFi troubleshooting & optimization software is that it can help telcos and ISPs to manage their networks more effectively. By using this type of software, telcos and ISPs can collect data about how their networks are being used and identify areas where there is potential for improvement. This information can then be used to make changes to the network that will improve performance and reduce congestion. In addition, WiFi troubleshooting and optimization software can also help telcos and ISPs to troubleshoot issues that arise on their networks. By being able to quickly identify and resolve problems, telcos and ISPs can minimize disruptions and keep their customers happy.

AXWIFI Features & Functionalities

Improve Quality Of Experience In Complex WiFi Ecosystems. Create WOW Moments - Unleash WiFi!

The most significant costs associated with a service are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. WiFi performance is affected by a number of factors such as noise, co-channel interference (CCI), adjacent channel interference (ACI) and others. Axiros is optimizing CCI/ACI and maintains best possible WiFi service quality in high-density ecosystems via

  • Proactive WiFi performance analysis and visualisation

  • Identification of WiFi performance bottlenecks

  • WiFi service outage / performance alarms

  • Corrective action recommendations for CSRs

  • Automated corrective actions in real-time

  • Fully integrated with service provider systems


Axiros WiFi Management Unlocks New Business Potential 

The need for connectivity is growing - not only from subscribers, but from things too. Subscribers love WiFi and when their expectations are met or even exceeded then they will stay as loyal customers for a long time!

  • Axiros offers managed carrier WiFi services and this makes us special in this segment

  • Turn burdensome infrastructure into revenue generators

  • Manage increasing data demands cost effectively

Expert System For Telco Grade Radio Resource Management In Self Organizing WLAN Networks

  • Transfers CPE data into INFORMATION and provide INSIGHTS into customers’ behaviour

  • Optimize the CPEs’ WiFi according to neighbors' APs

  • Increase the WiFi performance & coverage per single user

  • Decrease the number of support calls (support calls analysis needed)

  • Recommends who will benefit from adding WiFi extender, dual-band CPE etc.

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