The internet, whether involving people or things, is simply a mechanism for transmitting information. What makes smart, connected products fundamentally different is not the internet, but the changing nature of the THINGS.
— Michael Porter

IoT - Definitive Readings

How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Competition

Michael E. Porter, James E. Heppelmann

HBR: From the November 2014 Issue

How Smart, Connected Products Are Transforming Companies

Michael E. Porter, James E. Heppelmann

HBR: From the October 2015 Issue

IoT - What Is It All About?

IoT is about things having identities and virtual personalities - operating in smart spaces and using intelligent interfaces - to connect, communicate and act within their space and given ecosystem and varying contexts.
— Kurt Peterhans, Axiros CEO

Axiros has been working with Internet of Things technologies since the very beginning. We're a global leader, providing software solutions and platforms to companies worldwide that need management of IoT devices.

The IoT space is growing rapidly and has incredible potential to impact digital life. In business, IoT is being used to improve customer support through field service and inventory management technologies. IT operators are turning to the Internet of Things for more secure and connected data integration and analytics. Customers find that connecting their devices to preferred cloud services bring about new experiences that are impossible to replicate elsewhere.

The Potential of the Internet of Things

Definitive infographics and references on the Internet of Things (IoT).

The IoT Case For Support Services

  • Active Monitoring - Connected applications, augmented reality experiences, and other demanding processes benefit from the technical efficiency of the type of hardware and software that IoT can deliver.

  • Diagnostics – The embedded diagnostics can support remote access and service for more reliable uptime and reducing on-site service calls.

  • Location data analysis – The location data from various products and assets should be analyzed for proper forecasting and optimization of inventory.

  • Connected Experience – The nexus of ubiquitous networks, edge computing capabilities and cloud technologies enable a completely different customer journey which will require more efficient customer support processes as well as new paradigms to deliver an outstanding customer experience.

IoT Metrics for Support Services

  • Reliable uptime

  • Number of non-compliance incidents per year

  • Cost for service, warranty, and initial fix rates

  • Quality of products

  • Response and resolution time to reported incidents

  • Customer value

The IoT Case For IT & Operations

  • Secure Operations Management –The IoT environment is always changing. A scalable system to deploy assets, ensure proper endpoint configuration, and system analytics is key.

  • Secure IoT Operations Management – Establish a scalable system to provision and deploy assets, secure and manage endpoint access, and manage system processing and analytics to operate with agility in an evolving environment.

  • Analytics and Data Integration – Use real-time data from business systems, anomaly detection, and smarter business processes to discover insights that will pay off for your business.

  • The future of AR and VR – IoT is playing a critical role in the development of AR and VR applications. Understanding the interaction between these evolving technologies is critical.

IoT Metrics for IT and Operations

  • Rapid time to market

  • Non-compliance events

  • Response and resolution time to issues

  • Reduced OpEx

  • Improved availability

The IoT Case For Customers

  • Customization – The right flexibility must be built in so customers are able to add, remove, or edit features and integrate with other products without difficulty.

  • Benchmarking – Provide customers with dashboard tools to analyze, monitor, and draw conclusions about the use of their products.

  • Remote Access – Provide remote control for product optimization, asset access, and the ability to improve businesses practices through real-time remote access.

  • Customer Control – Give the necessary controls to customers so they can diagnose and resolve issues independently, maximizing their product's performance. Dashboard analytics and necessary controls are critical for independent issue analysis.

IoT Metrics for Customers

  • Customer access and customization options

  • Marketshare

  • Fix rates

  • Customer response time

  • Retention and utiliization value