AX MOBILITY | SDK For Mobile Apps

About AX MOBILITY - Software Development Kit (SDK)
For Mobile Apps

AX MOBILITY is a library that enables provider’s app to do QoE Diagnostics, collect data for WiFi Optimization and implement self-care functionalities through Axiros AXESS.


Key Features of AX MOBILITY

  • TR-143 diagnostics

  • PING test

  • TCP Echo test

  • WiFi Scan

  • OTT diagnostics

  • Happy Eyeball test [IPv4 and IPv6 dualstack responsiveness test]

  • DNSLookup test


AX MOBILITY Features & Functionalities

Data Model

  • Device identification

    • Vendor, ModelName, ID, IPAddress, Software/Hardware version, MAC

  • Device Status

    • Free/Total RAM, CPU, Battery level, OS Version/type, QtySlots

  • Network data

    • Cell type, eCI/NCI, LAC, TAC, CGI/ECGI/NCGI, Handover IMEI, IMSI, NetworkType, RSCP, MSISDN, SNR, Timing advance PCI, eNodeB, PSC, BSIC, ARFCN, CQI, RSSI, RSRP, RSRQ, SS RSRP, SS RSRP, SS SNR, Bandwidth, Roaming, NetworkChanges

  • Diagnostics Data

    • DownloadDiagnostics, UploadDiagnostics, UDPEchoDiagnostics, PINGDiagnostic, TCPEchoDiagnostic, WiFiNeighborResults

  • GeoLocalization

    • Latitude, Longitude, Source

* All data in TR-181 parameters



  • AXACT DUAL inside (TR-069/TR-369)

  • XMPP / Push Notification

  • Ready for Self-Care features

  • API for GUI development

  • Data collection for 3G/LTE monitoring

  • TR-181 Data model

  • WiFi settings configuration

  • Download/deploy apps

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