Mobile Device Agent / TR-069 Proxy

Can be loaded and activated on all MS Windows, OS X and Android devices - to bring TR-069 Management to your service network.

Axact.Home is a suite of applications that allows end users to configure and manage their home devices on the LAN side of their networks, also allowing to troubleshoot common problems related to connectivity issues.


Axact.Home can be installed on computers, notebooks, tablets, smartphones or any device running the supported operating systems. 

Axact.Home when installed on a LAN device allows to: 

  • Manage the home’s residential gateway from the LAN side

  • Troubleshoot & Repair connectivity issues on the hosting device

  • Provide assistance on support service

  • Enhance connection capabilities of hosting device

  • Provide a communication channe between OSS systems and end users.

Axact.Home has a flexible architecture that allows fast and easy modifications to include new components, integrate new devices, adapt the user interface and maintain the entire application.