Embedded USP (TR-369) Protocol Stack

USP Protocol Stack And Highly Customizable Data Model

The Axiros AXACT USP agent is used to provide TR-369 functionality to almost any kind of device. AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum (“BBF”) standards compliant TR-369 protocol implementation together with a highly customizable data model, which allows an Controller to configure and monitor every feature implemented on the device.

  • Fully written in C (C90)

  • Compatible with every POSIX-compliant system (Linux, macOS, Android, etc.) and Windows

  • Full support of the USP standard, interoperability tested at UNH IOL plugfests

  • Supports every BBF compliant and USP enabled data model:

    • Root data models like Device:2 (TR-181i2a12 and later)

    • All service data models (TR-104, TR-135, TR-140, TR-196 ...)

    • Any vendor specific extensions specified either according to the rules in TR-106/TR-154 or defined in code

  • Modular design for easy customization

  • Multi-controller and MTP support

  • Lightning fast implementation and integration due to modular design, extensive error checking; very high degree of automation

  • Comes with extensive tooling and integration support

  • Smooth upgrade path from AXACT TR-069 implementations

  • Very lightweight: 200 - 350 kB binary, depending on selected features and datamodel