TR-069 CPE And Device Management

Universal Device Management - Management Beyond TR-069. 

AXESS is the flagship product of Axiros, for management of CPEs with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069) stacks but also other open management protocols. It enables highly flexible and scalable interactions with a large number of devices for the purposes of (re-)configuration, mass firmware downloads, fault clearance and general real-time subscriber support.


  • Remote device management

  • Zero-touch provisioning

  • Short-time monitoring - troubleshooting device monitoring

  • Fully TR-069 compliant - and all subsequent standards

  • Customer self service portal support

  • Workflow engine, supporting inter-device management tasks

  • Intelligent firmware management

  • Security management

  • Multiple NBI protocols - extendable on request

  • Interoperability ensures that all TR-069 standard-compliant devices can be managed

  • Embedded permissions for Add, View, Change, Delete

  • Embedded email, syslog, XML-RPC, SOAP, JMS clients

  • Administrative front ends, fully customizable including language adaption with support of >100 languages

  • XML-RPC, XML and SOAP back end interfaces, server and client, synchronous and asynchronous

  • Security matrix (non-global role system)

  • Customizable authorization system

  • Schedulable mass operations

  • Workflow engine for setup of arbitrarily complex multi-step workflows, offering the following features:

    • Intra-CPE and inter-CPE workflows

    • Fully programmable

    • State handling

    • Transaction safety

    • Definable exception handling

    • Modular

  • Ships as standard Linux package, installed within minutes on each node

  • Solaris supported, with one major release offset

  • Application Server including Object Database and optimized primary SQL storage

  • Secondary SQL for consolidated custom data: Oracle 10/11, MySQL, PostgresSQL

  • CPE hierarchical grouping and virtual grouping for batch operations on arbitrary sets of CPEs

  • Grouping by any device, customer profile or service definition setting, in any combination

  • Any workflow triggerable for any group, active, passive or scheduled