Broadband Forum BBF.069 CPE Interoperability Testing

Test Engine For BBF.069 And Vendor Specifics

AX.INTEROP is the Axiros test platform that supports the Broadband Forum BBF.069 CPE Certification program. AX.INTEROP is a truly versatile and ACS agnostic scriptable ACS simulator to test device implementations of the Broadband Forum‘s popular TR-069 CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP).

Whether you are an operator, device manufacturer or a chipset vendor, AX.INTEROP can help ensure that your devices - gateways, routers or all kind of end devices such as STBs or VoIP endpoints - communicate and correctly manage their data models and are ready for BBF.069 CPE Certification. For more information on the BBF program please see:


  • Comprehensive Test Console Overview

  • Sample Test Execution

  • CWMP Protocol Message Dump

  • CWMP Dump Analysis. Message schema validation

  • Trace log @ ACS Level

  • Test Report Generation

  • Data Model Report

  • Interaction analysis example: “missing parameters sub-window”

  • Out of the box PD-128 Support. List of available test steps

  • Sample test script: Reboot RPC, a script with multiple CWMP interactions

  • Data Model validation

  • Scheduled step execution: single device and group of devices

  • Use of NBI to automatically trigger Firmware Update and Test Execution