Non TR-069 to TR-069 Proxy Server

Integrate Your Legacy Devices Into The Managed Set! 

AXPAND - Non TR-069 to TR-069 Conversion Server (CWMP Proxy): AXPAND transforms CWMP remote procedure calls and parameters into proprietary command flows and runs them on connected devices via non TR-069 protocols in a highly scalable way.

AXPAND allows for shortest adaptation times to new devices in a few days.

As a high-performing, scalable converter module, it adjusts Non-TR-069 (but WAN-management enabled devices), so that they can be addressed from the backend or the administrative GUIs like normal TR-069 enabled devices. 


AXPAND mode of operation: A proxy that can be plugged into existing ACS infrastructures to deliver access to non TR-069 devices regarding features and state.

  • TR-069 client to wrap proprietary results into real TR-069
  • Asynchronous southbound handling for maximum scalability of main application server
  • 200K TELNET enabled CPEs per server node
  • Hides proprietary characteristics of devices to OSS/BSS
  • Connection request wrapper
  • TR-069 handler to generate pseudo TR-069 Informs from SNMP, TFTP, RADIUS or SNTP uplink hits from CPE
  • Any device-specific feature mappable to pseudo CWMP parameters
  • Generates TR-069 response RPCs when have run non TR-069 commands have run on CPEs
  • Clusterable, node synchronization via AXESS CM (Cluster Manager)