User-Centric Thinking: 
Monitor - Analyze - Predict The Quality Of The Customer Experience

  • QoE monitoring - measure how your customers feel

  • Take the guesswork out of impact assessments

  • Provide factual information to drive investments

Deliver Network Intelligence To Your OSS. Now!

AXTRACT enables the transformation of every device ( Modems, VoIP phones, Set-Top Boxes )
into sophisticated probes to measure service quality.
Additionally, AXTRACT can significantly help the Customer Reps and the Technical Support in the
troubleshooting process by supplying a historical view on service usage correlated with the
technical parameters.
The analysis is enabled on arbitrary groups or down to a single device, including changes of
service related parameters. 
All data are made available in near real time to ensure that all relevant events generated in the
network are promptly collected and made available to the Network and Service operations team to
ensure the fastest resolution time.
Timeliness is a key value; at the same time, the AXTRACT engine enables Big Data analytics on
a large set of key indicators that help service providers identify bottlenecks in their delivery processes.

AXTRACT is answering KPI related investigations like:

  • Which gateways in the field deliver the best/worst WAN quality

  • Is packet loss on the uplink the major cause for streaming errors on the set top box

  • How different STB / VoIP phones vendors handle packet loss and are resilient to network errors

In short, AXTRACT is the key enabler for any proactive assurance process in the OSS.

The Axiros Analytics Offers

Architecture and scalability

  • NoSQL Data Stores for complex object representation

  • Natively distributed architecture with Geo-redundancy

  • Flow-based, real time data processing

  • Fastest TR-069 protocol processing in the market

Return on Investment

  • Proved to reduce “no defect found” rate on CPEs

  • Shorten detection of firmware incompatibilities

  • Increases First Call Resolution rates

  • Optimizes new service creation time

Open architecture

  • All calculation modules available for customization

  • No locked-in data model!

  • Data stores open and accessible by 3rd party tools!

  • Component modules can be taken in isolation

Use cases

  • Reactive assurance

  • Proactive assurance

  • Inter-device analysis

  • Network quality analysis

Analytics capabilities

  • Pre-built functions library

  • Scripting engine for customization

  • Cross-device, cross-service analysis

  • Advanced graphical and image rendering capabilities

Integration and interfacing

  • Data collection from: TR-069, SNMP, HTTP, Telnet, etc.

  • Data exchange: ETL, REST/JSON, JQuery

  • Seamless integration with any ACS

  • Web Toolkit GUIs and graphical widgets