Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II Speed & Latency Testing Program

AX CAF Performance Plus

  • USAC FCC Compliant Speed & Latency

  • Optimum Test Routing

  • Scheduled Testing

  • Test Data Storage & Analysis

  • Final Certfied Report

  • Audit Services

  • NOC-assisted Services

AX CAF Performance Plus Offering

  • Full service performance measures test program for Connect America Fund (CAF) Phase II Recipients

  • Automated FCC & USAC compliant speed testing

  • Automated FCC & USAC compliant latency testing

  • End-to-end program for ISPs of all size

  • Provides all necessary test data

  • No hidden requirements

  • Axiros ACS used for 50 test locations at no extra charge, and it can be used to manage other CPE devices, if desired

  • One full year of test data stored

  • Quarterly summary reports for operational excellence

  • No extra hardware required - Don’t let large hardware manufacturers lock you into proprietary solutions. We use the TR-143 datamodel.

  • We will assist with any regulatory review - no new employees needed


Scheduled Tests

Speed Testing

  • A single measurement of download or upload speed of 10 to 15 seconds duration between a specific consumer location and a specific remote server location. 

  • If download load > 64 Kbps downstream, defer download test for one minute.

  • If upload load > 32 Kbps upstream, defer upload test for one minute .

  • Reevaluate before retrying the test, continue at one-minute intervals until the speed test can be run or the one-hour test window ends and the test for that hour is canceled.

Latency Testing

  • A single measurement of latency, often performed using a single User Datagram Protocol (UDP) packet or a group of three packets sent at essentially the same time, as is common with ping tests.

  • If consumer load exceeds 64 Kbps downstream, defer test for one minute. 

  • Reevaluate before retrying the test.