Self Care

We Outline The Path From Technical Support to QoE

  • From Customer Care Portals to Self Service Portals

  • Enables Self-Management of key service features

  • Offers support provided by passionate expert users

  • Drives cost efficiency and improved customer experience

Stay Close! Personalized Service Management

A simple framework for Self Care Portals delivery - that brings the full potential of the award winning Axiros Open Device and Service Management platform to the end users.

A powerful tool to increase the customer experience by delegating the important service management functions directly to the interested party: your customer.

The potential for service providers is huge. Through a better self-service you can: 

  • Improve customer satisfaction

  • Achieve higher sales targets and - at the same time -

  • Save on costs

As operators face growth and lower-cost competition for their core business, the time has come to shorten the delivery chain of service management functions by delegating the most common troubleshooting and configuration activities to the customers, while creating opportunities for new service options.

The Axiros architecture offers the ability to deliver these functions in an organized way via a multi-channel approach without the complexity of multiple system integration.

Through the concept of Service Awareness - by which every service monitoring or configuration action is exposed in a Service Oriented Architecture - the creation of a SelfCare front end becomes an easy task for every IT organization or System Integrator.

In addition, the underlying Web Delivery technology at the core of the Axiros platform enables multi-screen capabilities right away.

The Axiros Self Care Offers

Home Network Policy Management

  • Parental control

  • Usage and access monitoring

  • Virtual SSID and Access Points configuration

  • Service Queues policy management


  • Power users blog sections

  • Users managed FAQs

  • Q&A scoring

  • Direct access to troubleshooting receipts

End to end process support

  • Enable legacy devices on the ACS

  • Connect a device for troubleshooting with uplink loss

  • Pre-collect device logs before caring process

  • Start a case directly from the mobile app

Integration of Management Functions

  • Home Network map

  • Connectivity check-point

  • Device configuration backup/restore

  • WiFi link status and quality control

Multi channel capabilities

  • Template-based rendering engine

  • Skinnable UI

  • REST and JSON APIs

  • Profile aware Content Management System

Multi-access capabilities

  • Self Care Portal engine

  • Self Care Apps

  • Available on Android, iOS and MS Mobile

  • Customizable navigation flow