Wi-Fi Experience Management

We Optimize Wi-Fi Experience

  • Carrier Wi-Fi performance visualization for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz band
  • Proactive Wi-Fi performance analytics
  • Automated Wi-Fi issue fixing in complex network ecosystems
  • Improve Wi-Fi QoE within the digital home and businesses 

Screenshots Wi-Fi Management

Improve Quality of Experience in complex Wi-Fi ecosystems. Create WOW moments - Unleash Wi-Fi!

The most significant costs associated with a service are the ongoing costs of operations and maintenance. Wi-Fi performance is affected by a number of factors such as noise, co-channel interference (CCI), adjacent channel interference (ACI) and others. Axiros is optimizing CCI/ACI and maintains best possible Wi-Fi service quality in high-density ecosystems via

  • Proactive Wi-Fi performance analysis and visualisation
  • Identification of Wi-Fi performance bottlenecks
  • Wi-Fi service outage / performance alarms 
  • Corrective action recommendations for CSRs
  • Automated corrective actions in real-time
  • Fully integrated with service provider systems

Axiros Wi-Fi Management unlocks new business potential 

The need for connectivity is growing - not only from subscribers, but from things too. Subscribers love Wi-Fi and when their expectations are met or even exceeded then they will stay as loyal customers for a long time!

  • Axiros offers managed carrier Wi-Fi services and this makes us special in this segment
  • Turn burdensome infrastructure into revenue generators
  • Manage increasing data demands cost effectively