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Within days, the server had been integrated to match exactly our backend protocols and interfaces. Now we can deliver sophisticated plug and play connectivity to all our subscribers - on our own network based on DSLAM port as well as on 3rd party physical DSL lines. We are impressed by the possibilites we have through AXESS' way of CPE management. The key decisive factor for us to deploy the Axiros TR-069 ACS was its unmatched flexibility.

Hellas Online, Greece Argirios Diamantis
Director Technology & Operations

We decided for Axiros after a careful exploration of the available market solutions, due to its flexibility and to the ease of use and extension for additional features. We’re confident that it will confirm a solid software solution, reliable and capable to guarantee the highest quality of services to our customer base.

Linkem SpA, Italy Alessandro Lo Savio
Chief Operating Officer

I was impressed with how well the Axiros system met each of our company´s criteria for a remote management system and service optimization.

Lyse, Norway Oddbjørn Sørseth
Chief Technical Officer

The Axiros Axperience solution enables Altibox to deliver state-of-the-art home security services in a scalable and robust way. It will be a key component of our efforts to develop services in the future; we will be delivering innovative services that leverage the most novel devices in the market to give our customers a unique experience.

Altibox, Norway Tore Kristoffersen
Chief Technical Officer

Our internal guys particularly liked the administrative GUI toolkits. I know that the core engine is key to AXESS' flexibility but for my guys the functionality and usability of the GUIs and the ACS are what they see. The new 'Search and Process' tool is pretty powerful! The ACS is just what we needed.

Sonaecom, Portugal Ricardo Manuel Ferreira
Project Manager

We’re a small company, and we don’t spend as much on marketing as our competitors, we grow and retain our customer base by delivering an exceptional experience; we selected Axiros because we know their products will enable us to continue to do so.

Groupe Maskatel, Canada Philippe Decary
Network Architect

Axiros did an amazing job in integrating even our non TR-069 CPEs within their AXESS TR-069 ACS server in a highly scaleable and flexible fashion. The AXESS server really rocks - we were able to configure even complex business logic and back end connectivity needs with great ease. It is great pleasure to work with Axiros.

NetCologne GmbH, Germany Roland Rosenfeld
Network Engineering & Design

Crunching operating costs is the key consideration in SME/branch office service deployments, while accelerated time-to-revenue continues to be driven hard by operators. This is an area where OneAccess has always added value for its operator customers, and through our partnership with Axiros we will protect them even more. Axiros Automatic Configuration Server (ACS) solutions are regularly used by our customers to optimise the cost of deploying and managing OneAccess router platforms out in the field. As leading exponents of TR-069, Axiros understand the hidden potential of that standard from a business-services perspective. What's more, the alliance has invested much into defining a solution to encapsulate standard Command Line Interface commands into TR069 requests, which extends considerably the flexibility of TR-069, and can form the basis of a turnkey-provisioning solution.

OneAccess Networks, France Denis Behaghel

The interest in smart home technologies has increased significantly in German households. According to a study by Capgemini, two-thirds of all German households with online access are interested in smart home solutions. We are pleased that Axiros has also signed up to the Ökosystem, which relies on open and standardized platforms, and that it has chosen ProSyst products.

ProSyst, Germany Daniel Schellhoss
Chief Executive Officer

With Axiros, ODR TSG found a real professional business partner for Autoprovisioning. Based on Axiros solution platform we are now able to reduce our OpEx for Device Management.

ODR, Germany

The home environment and the connected devices found within it are changing rapidly. Axiros’ expertise and forward-thinking approach translate into a product portfolio capable of adapting swiftly to the marketplace.

SSB-Telemach, Slovenia Marko Bolčič Tavčar
Head Of IP/IT Department

We've relied on Axiros expertise for a number of years. Our partner's newly developed hosted solution allows us to now meet the demand from our customers for a real "management out-of-the-box" solution. It also provides added value because it allows for possible new services.

Snom Technology AG, Germany Filip Polsakiewicz
Senior Pre-Sales Engineer

Wi-Next’s mission is to provide wireless networking solutions to solve the significant network constraints that the data will create once millions of IoT sensors and nodes are deployed. In fact, thanks to our patented technology, it is possible to create reliable network with distributed data processing capability for a much faster communication between sensor and Cloud. We chose to use Axiros’ AXESS.ACS in a number of applications for IoT, bringing network control and monitoring to previously underserved and brand new areas such as industrial machinery with sensors and actuators distributed throughout the industrial plant and production site.

Wi-Next Nicola De Carne
Founder and CEO

The Wi-Fi landscape is evolving rapidly, and demand for next generation capabilities is increasing. We chose Axiros as our technology partner based on their experience and proven capabilities in large-scale deployment. These were key considerations for us as we considered fulfilling the management needs of extensive WLAN deployment.


We chose the Axiros solution for its capabilities, capacity and flexibility to meet our expectations,” he said. “We also felt it was crucial that the solution be scalable enough to meet future needs in a timely and cost-effective manner.

D-Smart Suat Altintas
Network & Technical Operation Director

Tier-3 operators have been telling us that they wanted to upgrade their networks and devices to offer higher bandwidth, and more complex and higher-value services. They were quick to add, however, that it needed to be a truly cost-effective solution.

Vision Net Ed Hassell
Network Operations Manager

Axiros has deep industry knowledge in device management and the TR-069 protocol. By partnering with them, we’re able to implement the highest-quality products and services into our turnkey satellite systems, bringing value-added benefits to our own satellite services and those we deliver to other providers.

Viasat Bill Hallstrom
Vice President

Lyse believes future homes should be run by local companies who will provide customers with safe and secure electricity, energy, water and gas – rather than a global technology or commodity company whose main goal is to own customers’ personal data. We have developed and built an infrastructure that keeps data secure and in the community – where it belongs.

Lyse Smart, Norway Jan Holm
Lyse Smart CEO

Thanks to the Axiros technology, we offer today major differentiation capabilities to the industry. By creating new services from device-generated data, organizations are now able to transform their activity and create new business models, while reducing their operating costs through business process optimization.

BuLL Malo Jennequin
IoT Business Development Director

Axiros delivered. Our promise of faster integration time, a powerful API and customization are now a reality thanks to AXACT.

Yearstar Prince Cai
Product Manager of Yeastar