The Evolution Of TR-069 Will Improve Standardization Of IoT Standards

Ensuring smooth and secure communication between devices is a critical function of any Internet of Things network.

One important segment of this is the industry standard TR-069, which is the CPE WAN management Protocol established by the Broadband Forum. It has more than 350 million installations throughout the world, and ongoing active development to ensure consistent connection and surefire security.

The Broadband Forum also specifies that the standard is built for ensuring communication between a CPE and Auto Configuration Server (ACS).

Yet as with many things IoT, it’s rapidly evolving. There’s an expanding number of connected devices that are using a variety of different standards. To help synthesize this somewhat disconnected situation, the Broadband Forum is evolving TR-069 to the User Services Platform. It will provide a more robust set of standards, developer tools, and security protocols for the ever-expanding IoT space.

Key pieces of this evolution, according to the Broadband Forum:

  • Extending and improving upon well understood proxy scenarios to cover any device using any protocol

  • Reusing and expanding the robust Device:2 data model that accurately models network services and interfaces for connected devices, and bringing together standard models for IoT objects into one place

  • Leveraging what we’ve learned with years of use and millions of deployed devices for the new world of IoT and virtualized services

  • More robust firmware management

Proper use of this standard can solve a number of other issues, such as outside network interference, service quality, signal blockage, and range restrictions are all key problems that can cause serious service issues.

Additionally, TR-069 is responsible for creating a line of communication between Auto Configuration Servers (ACS) and customer-premises equipment (CPE). It’s also essential for solidifying other elements in the IoT network. The delivery platform, transport layers, and segments of connectivity are all key parts of the customer experience.

According to some recent news from the Broadband Forum, more features are coming with an update. The new version of TR-069 will focus on security enhancements and compliance with the new TLS protocols. Additionally, the plan is for a more robust firmware management. Such communication services will be key for ensuring connectivity between various devices.

At Axiros, we have considerable experience building out software that will ensure compliance with the TR-069 standard. Additionally, we are forward-thinking and are ready for the next evolution of this standard.

The key to understanding the role of TR-069 and its evolution is a central part of our strategy to manage All Things. We are a top market leader in Europe for our application of the TR-069 standard, and our global and engineering-focused market approach ensures that our focus on open device and service management will remain.