Axiros AXESS 3.8.1 Is A Major Leap Forward For Industry-leading IoT Software Platform

Axiros recently unveiled AXESS 3.8.1, an important update to the company’s flagship and industry-leading software.


The release was a follow-up to 3.8, which provides several improvements and important features. AXESS.ACS manages CPEs with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069) stacks and other open management protocols. Axiros has put a lot of resources into maintain compliance with the TR-069 standard, while also remaining flexible with the Broadband Forum’s continuing of this standard.

The latest version includes zero-touch provisioning, remote device management, full compliance with TR-069 and subsequent standards, security management, and intelligent firmware and configuration file management.

What’s new

There are several key features that help AXESS.ACS 3.8.1 stand apart. Here are a few of the highlights.

  • Support for XMPP Connection Request: AXESS.ACS now supports XMPP connection request.

  • Support TR-098 Appendix II. There’s a new, default provisioning flow that supports the use of bridging object for VLAN tagging according to TR-098 Appendix II. Provisioning supports smart configuration for PPPoE, IPoE and IPTV.

This update enables

  • highly flexible and scalable interactions for configuration and reconfiguration,

  • mass operations including firmware downloads, fault clearance, and real-time subscriber support.

Additionally, there were many improvements in the areas of business logic and Service Provisioning, southbound, northbound, and user Interfaces.

Additionally, users can create a campaign by condition based on the service and meta criteria; this expands the campaign functionality and allows adding campaigns for both existing CPEs and devices that will be connected to the ACS later.

AXESS now supports user interaction with a ticket flow, which can be used to define test cases that require user input. The GUI now provides the ability to create complete service provisioning flows and eliminates the need to write a southbound scenario to create a provisioning flow.

The Device Schema supports device-specific provisioning logic including vendor-specific parameters. Before any configuration is sent to a device, a smart scenario validates the device parameter tree to exclude unsupported parameters from being provisioned.

There are also various new features for alarm management, device interoperability, service management, and business logic.

New APIs

The release includes some key APIs for our developer community. The AXFirmwareManager Northbound API offers the following:

  • Create/delete/edit/get firmware

  • Create/delete/edit/get a firmware job

  • Create a campaign for updating firmware referencing a firmware job

  • View affected CPEs and list the results

With the Custom validation in the Service Storage API, it’s now possible to define a custom validation script per service. This script can be used to enforce policies that cannot be handled by the default service parameter restrictions.

Also, Custom permission handling is now allowed in the automatically generated ServiceStorage API. This provides support for a multi-tenant setup.

In total, this is a substantial upgrade for AXESS, giving our partners and developer community multiple features to empower their work. Axiros is committed to maintaining our leadership in the IoT space through twice-yearly major updates and continued performance improvements to ensure our software meets the needs of our customers and partners.


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