Axiros GDPR-Ready

8 June 2018  Axiros GDPR-Ready - Press Release


In May 2018, the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) took effect. It introduced obligations that will impact all companies involved in the data processing of European citizens. 

Axiros can confirm GDPR compliancy of its device management platforms.

We also want to provide relevant information how to use Axiros Device Management products in compliance with GDPR.

At Axiros we know that GDPR is introducing a lot of uncertainty and stress into your already full schedule. We have prepared a detailed guide to ease the transition explaining how you can configure your Axiros Products in use to take into account GDPR demands such as retention time, data export or data deletion requests. We have adapted our products in time to make the shift more manageable. To obtain the guide please contact our support team or your Axiros Account manager.

We ourselves work together with Port Zero to become and stay GDPR compliant internally. Specialized in IT Security and Data Protection on the one side, and Device Management for telecommunications on the other - Port Zero has supported a number of companies in the last two years to become GDPR-ready. We recommend Port Zero to you for professional support in all GDPR-related matters and encourage you to get in touch with them for support – both legal and technical – throughout this transition. Please contact for more information. For the avoidance of doubt we´d like to point out that this recommendation is fully independent from Axiros´ offering.