Axiros Announces the Availability of a New Release AXESS 3.9.0


13 April 2018 – MUNICH, GERMANY – Axiros, a leader in device management and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, is pleased to announce that the new release 3.9.0 of AXESS is now available.

AXESS.ACS manages CPEs with Broadband Forum-compliant CWMP (TR-069) stacks as well as other open management protocols. It enables highly flexible and scalable interactions with a large number of devices for the purposes of configuration and reconfiguration, mass operations including firmware downloads, fault clearance and general real-time subscriber support. There are various improvements in the areas of business logic and service provisioning, southbound, northbound, and user interfaces.

This release focuses on improving system operations and monitoring capabilities, laying the groundwork for major improvements on mass operations and firmware management in the next months.

Some of the new features of the release are:

  • New REST endpoint for all AXESS modules
    - This includes a reporting endpoint to extract relevant data for all devices, workflows and service activations on the fly

  • Introduction of Grafana as the default monitoring view of AXESS
    - Significant extension to the monitoring KPIs offering real time and historical metrics
    - This includes all operations triggered by support agents (CSR) and self service portals

  • Extended logging capabilities (including Audit logs)
    - Possibility to export all system logs to external systems (e.g. ELK or Splunk) for further processing/analysis
    - Improved audit log to track all changes made on configuration and business logic

  • Full integration of OMA-DM 2.0 for mobile device management

  • Syncronous northbound interface for all inherently asynchronously operations (e.g. TR-069 interactions over multiple sessions)

"Our customers wanted a better insight of the complex business flows orchestrated by their ACS," said Michael Meister, Product Manager of AXESS.ACS, Axiros. "With the new Grafana dashboard and all the additional KPIs this information is now readily accessible which makes the operation of the management platform much easier for our customers."

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