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AX OTT (Over The Top) - Advanced User Experience Monitoring

Nowadays mobile users expect superior experience from their Network Service Providers (NSP) while using various services. At the same time NSPs face a decrease in the Average Revenue per User (ARPU) through increased competition; moreover, a growing demand for data leads to further increase of CAPEX. In order to cope with all these challenges, NSPs seek for solutions that support them in delivering superior user experience.


Key Features of AX OTT

AX OTT (over-the-top) helps NSPs to deliver premium user experience while achieving OPEX savings through minimizing effort and time on troubleshooting engineering cases and  by improving network and service quality.

  • Reduce operating expenses by collecting data from end-user devices

  • Improve network & service quality based on customer perspective

  • Increase customer care efficiency by reducing ticket handling times

  • Propose value to MNO, FNO, OTTs

  • Gather end user perception and technical KPIs at once

AX OTT Features & Functionalities

By using data coming directly from end user devices AX.OTT enables Service Provider to measure real customer experience while using the service.



  • Flexible Use Case implementations:

    • Collect any device/network data

    • Data analytics – Troubleshooting & RCA

    • Correlation engine

  • Generic Collection & Integration

    • Any device

    • OSS/BSS

OTT Client

  • Multi-layer offering

    • Mass collection via crowdsource model and public/propriety apps vs engineering network assessment supported with automation

  • True End User Experience via qualification and quantification of OTT metrics

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Experience Management - Main Use Cases

AX Probe agent for real OTT SKPI measuring

  • AX Probe can be used as a standalone agent/library or as part of a customer support app for initiating different tests towards various OTTs  (such as YouTube, Netflix, etc.). Enriching such data with different parameters (e.g. network, location, device, etc.) results in a unique description of End User Experience.

 AX Probe agent with network traffic analysing module

  • AX OTT platform can initiate different tests ('legacy' or OTTs) on AX Probe. Correlating these SKPI with network traffic data, AX OTT engine creates  an "e2e view" and identifies potential bottlenecks in different OTT services with degraded user experience.

AX Probe agent with User Equipment Traffic Recording (UETR) from mobile network

  • AX OTT platform for UETR combines SKPI from AX Probe for specific UE with UETR message (flow of inter node events and measurements for a specific UE). Correlating and processing data, NSP can identify problems and their roots in RAN and CORE networks in the context of "poor" end user performance.

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