The Broadband Forum defines several data models for use with the CPE WAN Management Protocol (TR-069 Amendment 5). These data models contain objects and parameters that describe the many different functions and capabilities available to devices and services that are manageable via CWMP.
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TR-069 - Facts & Figures From The Ovum Report 2015

TR-069 - The CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP)

CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP) TR-069 was designed by the Broadband Forum (BBF) to standardize management of devices. BBF´s Technical Reports (TRs) are strictly numbered documents, which are dependent on each other.

TR-069 encompasses secure auto-configuration and other CPE management functions within a common framework. It represents an Application Layer protocol, which usually communicates with an Auto-Configuration-Server (ACS). 

Deliver A Competitive Service For Triple Play Offerings

Delivering a competitive (voice, video, data and wireless) service is an enormous technical, operational and business challenge for today’s service providers. To attract new customers as well as to reduce customer churn, service providers must be able to offer these services with the best user experience possible at a competitive price point.

On the other hand, efficient and effective Device Management is a challenging and sometimes elusive endeavour. The variety and number of devices which require management is constantly increasing!

Couple that with the need to support legacy systems and it becomes obvious that to absorb this dynamic growing complexity, a carrier-grade Device Management platform must not only

  • be scalable, but also

  • flexible and

  • adaptive.

This is the motivation and claim of TR-069, which is one central building block in a carrier-grade Device Management solution architecture.

TR-069 Management Functions

Major TR-069 management functions are:

  • Device provisioning for internet access, WiFi, VoIP, video and data services

  • Quality of Service (QoS) management

  • Security management

  • Configuration management

  • Firmware upgrades management

  • Performance monitoring

  • Diagnostics and troubleshooting

  • Local management application

TR-069 Use Cases

Provisioning Of Complex Services Like

  • Multi-play service delivery

  • IPTV deployments

  • Zero-touch provisioning

  • SIP and VoIP provisioning

Quality of Experience Management (QoE) For

  • Better decision making with
    analytics and reporting

  • Proactive upfront problem resolution

  • Information on bandwidth utilization


Management Of All Kind Of Devices Like

  • Simple xDSL Remote Gateways (RG)

  • Set-top boxes (STBs) alongside the RG

  • Cable RGs and Fttx ONTs or

  • Even complex Business Routers (BR)

Southbound Interoperability For

  • Vendor-independent management
    of TR-069 capable devices

  • Support of multi-vendor device strategies

  • Integration of the legacy base of non-TR-69 devices


Northbound Integration Of OSS/BSS For

  • Billing

  • Support

  • Policy or

  • Order management systems to enable end-to-end service delivery

Heterogeneous Access Environments Like

  • xDSL and Fttx

  • Cable and satellite

  • WiMAX or

  • Ethernet