Axiros Introduces Next-Gen Flexible Data Model and Device Management Stack for IoT


The latest AXACT TR-069 Protocol Stack has a wildcard support, a more user-friendly integration and readies customers for TR-069 Amendment 6

28 February 2017 – MUNICH, GERMANY – Axiros, a leader in device management and IoT solutions for service providers, enterprises, and OEMs, today announced the immediate availability of the latest version of AXACT, a TR-069 protocol stack that allows device management for IoT. AXACT features an extremely flexible design, allowing for easy system integration, and of particular interest, data model manipulation.

The Axiros AXACT CWMP Client is used to provide TR-069 functionality to nearly any kind of device. AXACT provides a fully Broadband Forum standards-compliant TR-069 protocol implementation together with a highly customizable data model, which allows an ACS to configure and monitor every feature defined within the standards.

The wildcard support is a groundbreaking achievement and one that the industry has demanded. Prior to wildcard, companies had to retrieve a lot of unneeded data incurring large traffic and ACS side processing overhead plus potential delays from slow devices or do complex and error-prone multi-step processing on the ACS to specifically ask only for the needed, existing data. Now device manufacturers and vendors plus operators using TR-069 for monitoring can use AXACT wildcard support to streamline operations and improve efficiencies.

“Our customers needed additional flexibility for data model manipulation, and we developed this latest version of AXACT to exceed their expectations,” commented Kurt Peterhans, CEO and GM Operations of Axiros. “In order to enable device management, our customers are able to implement AXACT to meet their exact needs and specifications.”

The release of the latest version of AXACT is timely as the Broadband Forum is working to introduce Amendment 6 to TR-069. TR-069a6 will include wildcards for more efficient instance addressing, and this is already supported by AXACT 3.2. Axiros has been working closely with the Broadband Forum on TR-069a6 and lends extensive field experience into the updated standards. Axiros is the first company implementing the new features to solve these challenges.

Customers will benefit from AXACT’s updated and new operations, including:

  • Wildcard support in TR-069 RPCs (new in TR-069a6)

  • Simplified data retrieval and reduced traffic

  • Out-of-the-box implementation of Device.ManagementServer.InformParameter.{i}.

  • Ability to change inform parameters on the fly

  • Removes cumbersome choice of static forced inform parameters and notifications ahead of the implementation

Implementations of AXACT will see:

  • New object and parameter iterators API

  • Unified and simple data model traversal and internal handling for even quicker integration

  • Wildcard and unified handling of single vs. multiple object or parameter accesses

  • New TCP stream processing

  • Removed external library dependency on libevent_openssl

  • Use of alternative TLS library than OpenSSL/LibreSSL

For more information about Axiros or AXACT, please visit the company’s website.

About Axiros
The Axiros AXvantage: Any protocol, any device, any service – any time. Axiros is a global leader in IoT, M2M, TR-069 and device management, providing software solutions and platforms to service providers and equipment manufacturers worldwide to manage and IoT-ize devices.

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