Axiros Plays Key Role in Rollout of Advanced Passenger Inflight Connectivity Network

18 April 2017 – MUNICH, GERMANY – Axiros, an international leader in the IoT and device management space, announced today that SITAONAIR is partnering with Axiros as part of the company’s deployment of its cutting-edge, inflight 3.5G mobile network. This network will be able to operate with the high-speed broadband connectivity of the GX Aviation. By the end of 2017, the company plans to make its popular Mobile ONAIR widely available.

SITAONAIR has selected Axiros to provision, manage and troubleshoot multiple devices in the inflight services. Thanks to its modular architecture, the Axiros AXESS.ACS platform provides the best building blocks for holistic and dynamic business service management.

The Axiros platform is a multi-service fulfilment solution that provides a common platform from which to handle service life-cycle management and activation of any bundled service offering. With AXESS.ACS, SITAONAIR can deliver the required set of services in an automated way, maximize service profitability, accelerate new service revenue and enrich its customers' service experience. The rollout is poised to give passengers a seamless, high-speed connectivity for mobile and laptop devices.

“Our customers are realizing that there is a huge difference between static TR-069 systems and dynamic service management for application-enabled broadband,” said Alfeo Pareschi, Chief Strategy Officer at Axiros. “It is not the size that matters but the flexibility to adapt to a changing environment. Axiros represents the future for delivering flexibility and robustness in the area of open device management and service monitoring.”

Kurt Peterhans, the CEO of Axiros, said, “We are pleased to work with SITAONAIR on this endeavor. Our experience with the AXESS.ACS platform gives us a strong position to handle this challenge and ensure the highest level of performance for this initiative.”

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